StarSpikes Pro 4 8BF Filter Plug-in - USD $36.95   How It Works

Getting Started

StarSpikes Pro 4 analyzes the content of your image to determine where the stars are. It classifies their brightnesses and colors, displays a preview of the effects overlaid on your astroimage, and allows you to manipulate the controls to create just the look you want.

The choices you make by changing the controls and using the tools determine what effects are drawn on which stars, and how they will appear. The preview image updates immediately upon making control changes.

When you like what you see, press [ OK ] and the effects are written back to your image editor.

Works on PCs running Windows 7 and newer with Photoshop or 8BF plug-in compatible editor.
Sorry, we don't have Mac-compatible plug-ins at this time.

A typical run of StarSpikes Pro 4 goes something like this:

  • Open your astroimage in your editor.
  • From the editor's menu, start StarSpikes Pro 4.
  • Adjust the Quantity control to make effects appear on the stars you want, ranked by brightness.
  • Adjust the Intensity, Length, and other controls to make your image look spectacular.
  • Optionally use the Tools along the left side to make individual adjustments.
  • For greater control, switch to Advanced editing mode and fine tune the appearance.
  • Press the [ OK ] button to commit the changes back to your image in your editor.

More detailed descriptions of what the controls do can be found in the User Manual, and don't forget to look over our list of Frequently Asked Questions while you're there.