AstroFlat Pro 8BF Filter Plug-in - USD $34.95    Overview

Flattening Astroimage Illumination

is not something

that has to take

a lot of time

and effort.

AstroFlat Pro is an 8BF Photoshop-style Filter Plug-in for image editors that you can use to quickly and easily flatten the luminance in your astroimages.

Works on PCs running Windows 7 and newer with Photoshop or 8BF plug-in compatible editor.
Sorry, we don't have Mac-compatible plug-ins at this time.

Intuitive, fast GPU-accelerated "just move the controls until it looks right" operation with seriously sophisticated underpinnings.

Try it now!   15 Day Fully Functional Free Trial.

  • Real Time Separation of Image Details from Sky Glow.
  • Handles Hot Spots and Gradients with ease.
  • Simple Controls, Instantly Visible Results.
  • No selections required.
  • Works Great on Individual Images.
  • Prepare Multiple Images Quickly for Combination.
  • Store and Retrieve Favorite Settings.
  • Works With 32 and 64 Bit Image Editors on PCs.
  • Handles 8, 16, 32 Bit Color and Grayscale Images.
  • Pixel Math is 32 Bit Floating Point for Max Quality.
  • Fully Color-Managed for Professional Results.
  • Scrollable, Zoomable GPU-Accelerated Preview.
  • Familiar Photoshop Filter-Style Usability.
  • Editor Integration With Selections, Layers, Masks.
  • Supports Actions and Use as a Smart Filter.
  • Customizable UI - Dark and Light Choices.

Sample Images

Here are a few samples with which you can see the results possible in seconds with AstroFlat Pro.

Extract the dim detail even through serious light pollution.

Shoot a little bit before astronomical dark? AstroFlat handles colored gradients with ease!

Grayscale / Narrowband? No problem.

Flatten the individual frames that go into a mosaic and stitching becomes seamless.

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Some of the images on this page courtesy Dr. Greg Parker and Alex Cherney.