StarFilter Lite 2 and StarFilter Pro 2 Comparison

This page describes older products that are no longer for sale.   StarFilter Lite 2 has been discontinued and StarFilter Pro 2 has been replaced by a newer version.

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We offer two products for adding star filter effects to images:
StarFilter Lite 2 and StarFilter Pro 2
This table provides an "at a glance" comparison of these products.

Note: If you are an astrophotographer and looking for a plug-in to add star diffraction spikes to your astroimages then you will likely be more interested in our StarSpikes Pro product. Please click here to go to our StarSpikes Pro main page.

Feature StarFilter Lite 2 StarFilter Pro 2
Price $29.95 $69.95
More Information Click Here Click Here
Uses Fewer Computer Resources Yes
Upgradeable to Pro Edition Yes
Standard Star Filter Effect Yes Yes
Star Burst Effect Yes
Hyper Star Effect Yes
Hollywood Star Effect Yes
North Star Effect Yes
Vector Star Effect Yes
Religious Cross Effect Yes
Ability to Output the Effect Only Yes
8 Bit RGB Color Image Yes Yes
16 Bit RGB Color Image Yes Yes
32 Bit RGB Color Image Yes
8 Bit Grayscale Image Yes
16 Bit Grayscale Image Yes
32 Bit Grayscale Image Yes
Load Default or Initial Settings Control Yes Yes
Create, Store, and Load Your Own Saved Settings Yes
Brightness Threshold Control Yes Yes
Main Spikes Effect Intensity Control Yes Yes
Effect Length Control Yes Yes
Effect Angle Control Resolution 1 Degree 0.1 Degree
Number of Points Control 2 to 8 Points 1 to 32 Points
Sharpness Control Yes Yes
Color Saturation Yes Yes
Separate Control of Rainbow Effect Yes
Rainbow Repeat Frequency Control Yes
Secondary Spike Effect Intensity Control Yes
Soft Flare Intensity Control Yes
32 Bit Photo Editor Support Yes Yes
64 Bit Photo Editor Support Yes
Max Image Size in Pixels 32 bit Limited * 32767 x 32767 *
15 Day No Obligation Free Trial Yes Yes


*StarFilter Lite 2 provides a 32 bit plug-in only. StarFilter Pro 2 provides both 32 bit and 64 bit plug-ins.

  • A 32 bit plug-in's image size capacity will be limited by the 32 bit memory space (up to 3 gigabytes if your image editor is large address aware, minus what the image editor itself uses).

  • A 64 bit plug-in (only available with StarFilter Pro 2 on a Windows x64 edition and with a 64 bit image editor such as provided by Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 and newer) can operate on images up to 32767 x 32767 pixels if sufficient system virtual memory is available.